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About The Services We Provide

We provide many different legal services to our clients. Below you will find descriptions of the major services we provide. We believe that we give our clients the attention that only a small firm can provide while providing the array of services that typically only a larger firm can provide. If you have a legal issue, or a potential legal issue, contact us to find out if we can help you.

Civil Litigation

Commercial Litigation:

We frequently represent our business clients in litigation.  Whether our client has been sued by another business or person or our client needs to sue someone else, we are there to represent our clients.

Frequently, these types of cases involve a contractual dispute.  Because we also draft agreements for our clients, we have much experience in interpreting contractual language and determining how a court will view even the most complicated contractual provisions. 

Sometimes, a dispute is as easy as, "They didn't pay me!"  We can help with that situation as well, whether you feel you are owed or someone else feels you owe him or her.

Additionally, we represent clients in commercial litigation in cases involving fraud and other business torts that are not claims based on contracts.

General Civil Litigation:

Not every case in court is one business suing another.  We represent clients in many different types of civil cases, including

  • Sexual abuse cases

  • Foreclosures (lender or borrower)

  • Intra-company disputes

  • Labor and employment cases

  • Judgment collection  

If you have been wronged by another party in some way, we will help you seek relief from the proper court.  If you've been sued and you need someone to defend against the claims, we will be there to ensure that the proper defenses are raised.

Whatever the situation, we put our clients first and look out for their interests.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Investigations:

If you are under investigation, or if you have been arrested but not yet charged with a crime, it's not too early to get legal representation. We have represented clients before the filing of charges, and we know that in some instances it is possible to mitigate the charges that will be filed or even avoid charges altogether. 

Defense Of Criminal Charges:

If you've been charged with a crime in state or federal court, you need legal representation. We can help you and ensure that your legal rights are protected, all while providing you with a vigorous defense, no matter what the charges.  Call us if you have been arrested or charged with

  • DUI

  • Drug possession/trafficking

  • Crimes of violence

  • Property crimes

  • Corporate crimes

  • Fraud

  • Misdemeanors or felonies

Criminal Records:

If you were arrested or charged with a crime, but not convicted, you may eligible to seal or expunge the criminal record. We can explain the difference to you, determine whether you're eligible for either, and file a petition in court on your behalf.

There are very limited circumstances in Florida under which a person who is a registered sex offender may be removed from the sexual offender registry.  We have experience in these matters and can help you if you are eligible.


Corporate Consulting

Civil Appeals:

We have handled appeals in civil cases as both the appellant and appellee, in state and federal appellate courts. We represent clients in appeals in all types of civil cases, whether we were involved in the trial court proceedings or not. It is never a bad idea to have appellate counsel before the need to appeal or defend against an appeal arises. We can work with trial counsel and make sure the record is preserved for any appeal.

Criminal Appeals:

We represent clients in appeals from convictions and sentences in both state and federal appellate courts, in any type of case.

We also file motions for post-conviction relief in both state and federal courts, whether based on ineffective assistance of counsel or a different constitutional violation.

Company Formation:

We represent clients in corporate matters, from the formation of a business entity to meeting the needs of a growing business. We consult with clients to determine what type of business entity suits their needs. We draft and file the documents necessary to form the proper business entity and file them with the proper governmental authority.

We also draft the agreements the set forth the rules by which the business entity will be governed and advise our clients on overcoming obstacles to growth and profitability - whether it be help with negotiating or structuring deals or advising on business practices or compliance, we do our best to ensure our clients become successful businesses.

Representation of Companies in Business:

Companies that are in business need legal services in order to survive, expand, and thrive.  We help our business clients negotiation agreements of all types to help them expand or operate more efficiently. We also draft agreements for employment or for use with contractors, and we consult on matters concerning compliance, risk management, and employment practices. We recognize that legal services for businesses should be furnished with an eye toward keeping the business out of trouble. 

We also represent our business clients in many kinds of transactions, from the purchase of entire companies to real estate transactions.

Assisting Other Firms

We are happy to be able to tell you that other law firms in Miami and elsewhere think enough of us that they frequently ask for our assistance on cases - even on cases outside our normal practice areas.  We have been called upon to provide assistance to other firms and lawyers in

  • Copyright infringement litigation

  • Medical malpractice cases

  • Negligent hiring/retention/supervision

  • Commercial evictions

  • Labor/Employment cases

  • Personal injury cases

  • Intra-company disputes

Clients' Needs

We have frequently expanded our practice areas to accommodate our clients' needs and have helped them with issues such as

  • First party insurance claims

  • Divorce

  • Real estate acquisitions

  • Condominium/homeowner association and cooperative issues

  • Expanding business operations to new jurisdictions


​If you have an issue about which you would like to contact us, please use the form to the right to send us an email now.  Please make sure you include your name and email address.  If you would like a call back, be sure to include you phone number in the message.

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