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Real Estate Investors

These days, real estate investors frequently run into legal issues that might have been very uncommon not so long ago.  While we are not a real estate firm that prepares documents for and appears at closings, we have represented investors in many types of real estate matters.  


We are aware that some of the best looking investment opportunities have legal issues ranging from foreclosures, to past due taxes or association fees, to title problems that could prevent the issuance of a title insurance policy.  We have worked with real estate investors to solve all those problems and more.  


If you have an issue affecting real estate you own (or in which you would like to invest), give us a call to see if we can help, or, if you prefer, contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page or by clicking on this link.


We have represented lenders, borrowers, and even non-parties in foreclosure cases.


For lenders, we first ensure that our clients have everything they will need to prevail in a foreclosure action.  After making the determination, we handle the case from inception to completion, whether that comes as a result of a default judgment, a summary judgment, or a trial.


For borrowers, we review each case to determine which defenses are available to our clients and we raise each viable defense.  In addition to defending the case in court, we help these clients negotiate modifications and reinstatement outside of court.  Should negotiations come down to the wire, we have successfully argued emergency motions to cancel foreclosure sales in order to gain time to consummate deals.


For investors who may be non-parties to foreclosure, we have negotiated the purchase of loans from lenders (even those already in litigation) and the purchase of judgments and the corresponding bid credit at the foreclosure sale.

Quiet Title Actions

If you own property that has a clouded title, or if title was wrongfully taken from you, it may be in your interests to file a quiet title action.


The issues resulting in the need to file a quiet title action could arise in a number of ways.  One who buys a property at a tax deed sale does not obtain marketable title until after successfully litigating a quiet title action.  Without marketable title, it is not possible to obtain title insurance on the property.


A quiet title action may be also be necessary in other cases to clear potential title issues that could prevent a buyer from obtaining title insurance.  You can read about one such issue here. 


You may also need or want to file a quiet title action to remove encumbrances or invalid liens against a property.  Removal of these things, while perhaps not necessary to obtain marketable title, may increase the market value of the property. 

Removing Exceptions to Title Policies

A title insurer may refuse to issue a title insurance policy until certain issues, or "exceptions," are cleared up.  The title insurer may even state what needs to be done to satisfy its requirements for the issuance of the policy.  


Sometimes, there is an easier way.  We have worked to remove exceptions from title insurance commitments.  In doing so, we make an independent evaluation of what the issue is and how to resolve it.  


Sometimes it is possible to resolve the exception(s) much more quickly, easily, and efficiently than the manner stated by the title insurer in the commitment.  If you are running into this type of issue with a title insurer, let us know about the issue by contacting us using this link.  We may be able to help.

Disputes with Associations

Given the current state of the economy, disputes with homeowners' and condo associations are quite common, especially those related to past due association fees/assessments.  If you have a dispute with an association - whether you have owned the property for a long time or recently bought a property with past due amounts owed to an association - contact us for help in resolving the issue.


We have represented owners in many different types of disputes with assocations, and we understand that there is often more to the story than just past due fees.  Contact us using this link to tell us about your issue.


​If you have an issue about which you would like to contact us, please use the form to the right to send us an email now.  Please make sure you include your name and email address.  If you would like a call back, be sure to include you phone number in the message.

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